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Community Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Grants

Dozens of WA communities are now more active and eating healthier thanks to the Community Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Grants program. From 2011 to 2013, 75 community projects received a total of over $300,000 to spread the Swap It, Don’t Stop It message through cycling workshops, community gardens, cooking sessions, fitness classes, community event days and more!

Click on the links below to read more about the funded projects. For information about other funding opportunities, please see below.

A YouTube video was recently created to showcase the success of the grants program and it's effect on communities in WA. To view the video please follow this link:

Funded Organisations
Funded Organisations and Projects
Map of Projects Funded throughout WA

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 Other Funding Opportunities
The following websites provide a comprehensive list of grants currently available:

Healthway offer grants of up to $5,000 to fund activities related to the promotion of good health in general, with particular emphasis on young people. Applications for Healthway health promotion grants should aim to increase individual knowledge and skills, and change behaviour and community and organisational policies and environments to improve health.

Applications are assessed using a number of criteria including:

  • - its focus on health promotion or the prevention of illness or injury using a population or community based approach;
  • - the potential of the project to increase knowledge, change attitudes or behaviours to improve health;
  • - ability of the project to address Healthway’s priority health issues or priority population groups
  • - if the project has the ability to be ongoing after Healthway’s initial funding; and
  • - if the project represents good value for money.

Healthway encourages all applicants to contact them prior to submission.

Department of Sport and Recreation 
The Department of Sport and Recreation’s Community Participation Funding (CPF) scheme is open year round and encouraging applications.

Amounts from $1000 - $5000 are available for projects which target at low participation groups including (but not limited to) CaLD, indigenous and people with disabilities.

Programs need to target one of two key objectives including;

  • Participation: How will your project increase the physical activity levels of target groups who currently have low participation rates?
  • People Development: How will your project improve the skills of the volunteers or staff of your organisation or community group that is targeting low participation groups?

There are a list of items which will and will not be covered under this scheme as well as some criteria that needs to be met in your application. These can all be found in the Community Participation Guidelines located on our website at

Groups wishing to apply for this funding can access an application form from this website as well as view case studies from successfully funded programs. Applicants are encouraged to think about how their program can continue on an ongoing basis, link participants to physical activity in the longer term and be sustainable.

If you would like to talk through some project ideas please contact Community Participation Project Officer Sarah Campbell on 9492 9840 or at